Looking to The Past to See the Future

Watch an interview with an archaeological survey crew as they work on a cultural survey in Southern Idaho.

Short-Term Housing, Long-Term Gains

The Lava Ridge Construction Phase Would Bring an Economic Boost to Magic Valley Businesses, Hotels, Airbnbs, and RV Parks

Decommissioning the Lava Ridge Wind Project

Wind turbines are sparking an emerging industry for recycling innovators, creating jobs and new income streams while challenging what has been accepted as the status quo for an industry known for its sustainability.

Lava Ridge Wind Project Myths and Facts

This will not impact aquifer recharge to the Snake River or groundwater. Project water use equates to 0.03% of all irrigated acres in the three county area for those two years.

What Does The DEIS Say About Big Game?

The DEIS provides a detailed evaluation of the effects of the Project on big game, including mule deer and pronghorn.

What Does The DEIS Say About Impacts to Water?

The DEIS provides a detailed evaluation of the effects of the Project on water resources locally, and collectively throughout Idaho.

What Does the DEIS Say About Bats?

The DEIS looked in detail at the effect of the project on bat roosting habitat, and the effect of turbine operations on bat populations.

What does the DEIS say about avian populations?

The DEIS provides a detailed evaluation of the effects of the Project on avian populations. Development projects have the potential to affect birds through removal of habitat and collision with turbine blades.

What Does the Draft Environmental Impact Statement Say About Sage-Grouse?

To provide further protection for sage-grouse, MVE has taken into consideration the location of all project components and the design of corridors to help minimize and mitigate the potential impact on sage-grouse.

Draft Environmental Impact Statement Alternative C Highlights

Here’s what you should know about one of the Bureau of Land Management’s preferred alternatives:

Energy Doesn’t Happen Without Development

Clean energy doesn’t happen without development, and we’re thrilled the Lava Ridge Wind Project has reached a new milestone with the release of the draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Wind Turbines and Wildfire: Experts Weigh in on a Burning Issue

With proposed wind projects on the horizon comes both an increase in challenges for firefighting and opportunities for better fire management on federal lands.

A Wind Energy Windfall for Rural Communities: What More than $800 Million in Economic Impact and Tax Revenue Could Mean for the Magic Valley

Creating domestic energy that can serve Idaho residents and connecting states does more than fill the tremendous need for clean energy across the West. Idahoans will also profit from a substantial economic surge that will benefit schools, highway and recreation districts, cemeteries, and rural fire and ambulance services.

Water Experts Weigh In on Magic Valley Energy Wind Project Lava Ridge

Perched atop the Snake River Basin Aquifer, Southern Idaho's access to a generous water supply has shaped the area, creating the magic in the Magic Valley moniker, attracting economic and individual growth, and sustaining the lifestyle Idahoans value most.

Increasing Access to Sustainable Energy for Idaho and the West

The need for thousands of megawatts of renewable energy throughout the West continues to grow as businesses, cities, and western states set policy targets to transition to a cleaner electric grid.

Am I missing something?

Below is a more detailed response to a recent curious minds inquiry from the Times- News.

The Career of a Lifetime Renewable Energy Workforce Expected to More Than Double by 2030

When he was young, John Christensen used to tear his new toys and appliances apart just to see if he could put them back together, so when he grew tired of working in a stressful corporate environment, that desire for a new challenge pushed him to pivot his career into renewable energy.